Jul 9, 2009

Shadowrun 4 Character Generator

SR4CharGen Splash

SR4CharGen Splash

Trying to generate some Shadowrun character sheets? You could use the spreadsheets that are floating around, all over the intertubes, OR you can try out the Shadowrun 4th edition Character Generator by DaisyBox software. The SR4CG is a fully functional (beta) program, dedicated to creating characters for Shadowrun. The program defaults follow all SR4′s standard rules and regulations, but you can customize the program’s data files to create custom categories and items!

The SR4CharGen creates, prints, and saves your Shadowrun characters with an easy-to-use interface completewith detailed drop-downs and tabbed sections for  greater organization. Most selections come with a description of what you can and cannot do, and errors are explained to minimize frustration!


  • Download the Shadowrun 4 Character Generator
  • Visit the official Dumpshock forum discussion thread

    • Awesome generator! Thanks a billion!

    • you bet. glad you like it so far.

      d:- )

    • Is there a way to translate it into something you can copy onto a php forum? Tryin to play a shadowrun game online and instead of typing out the whole sheet after generation it would be nice to be able to “select all” as it were to copy and paste into a post

    • you can print to file, or get something like cutepdf to print as a pdf.

    • There is a memory leak the size of Texas in this app on Vista. In Task Manager, the memory column just sky rockets and the application doesn’t launch.

      Avoid if you are using vista.

    • there is also one in 7. I have seen some machines display the leak and others do not. This is due to microsoft’s instantiation of the .Net framework on vista and 7. I can’t do anything about it.

    • Wow, great download. Thanks for this!

    • Grenades from the core book is under gear and not weapons.
      the berwick shirt is glitched
      love the program :)

    • This is a really great program. I was wondering where the knowledge skill is, if you can make it like the contacts to double click to add our own skills?

    • Options > Manage Custom Items
      Select KnowledgeSkills.data from the drop down list.

      d:- D

    • Is there a way to edit the existing data files and not just add new entries into and existing list (such as adding a new knowledge skill into the knowledge data file)??

    • see the documentation included with the program package under the path “data files\legend.txt”

      These features are not specifically supported, but you might be able to get what you need done with that guide for the data file structures.

    • There seems to be a problem concerning Mystic Adept, Mentor Spirit, Magician, and BP’s. If you choose either Mystic Adept or Magician and Mentor Spirit,, the BP’s end up being either five over or five under.
      Awesome work! Thanks.

    • either the gen. sux or this comp. does. but i cant open it

    • I love the generator. I even added a link to your site to my toolbar because of how well done this generator is.

    • Only problem I have had is a glitch with the magic attribute where it will occasionally give a bonus amount of points from the magic attribute and the suprathyroid gland is mislabled. Also it’d be cool to add in some of the stuff from Augmentation. Other than that I love the program and it works out quite well.

    • sorely needs an update. there’s no drake quality, cyber-ware essence cost does not make changes to magic, regular ammo is 4R availability… really? Doesn’t make R availability red to indicate that you can’t “legally” get it. I don’t supposed it could be possible for it to print out the char sheet in a format closer to a normal char sheet? Also need a section for deckers to put programs and such…

      Those and a few glitches resulting in sudden, large changes to BP and nuyen expenditure this is still by far the greatest gen out there.

    • So this program doesn’t work on windows 7?

    • It seems to not work in Windows 7. It seems to use up so much memory that windows 7 shuts it down, but in XP it barely used any resources. It is probably a coding error. If the author is still around I would like to know if you are going to do anymore updates.

    • unfortunately, no updates are planned at this time.
      In my defense, this program was written on a laptop using windows XP, with no way to test anything on vista. (Windows 7 wasn’t even out yet ^^)
      d:- p

    • I use Windows 7, and I’ve gotten the program to work fairly well. I do get an error message every now and then, and choose to let the program continue to run. I use no compatibility modifications, I just run it as Administrator, and the program works. I don’t know what you folks are doing with it, but it should be fine.

    • I have not tried it in admin mode. Since I am a budding programmer I will make it my first project. If I get it fixed I will ask the original author for permission to republish it as a free download for everyone.

    • Any chance on an update with the new costs for kharma char generation?

    • I am not trying to be rude cause I actually love this generator wish I could save it but good work on the detail and well done just wish i could figger out how to save what I wrote.

    • @like everyone who ever comments about this: Unfortunately, I probably won’t ever get around to updating this software. Sorry guys.

      @who cares: File>Save usually works for me.

    • The program works as far as saving. Would you mind posting the source code so someone else can try to update it for windows 7. I would just put a disclaimer out saying they are not allowed to reap any monetary gains so they don’t try to sell it.

    • I’m using 7 and seems to be working just fine. Great Gen by the way!!! New to the Shadows but your gen is making the transition from d20 that much easier.

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