Apr 30, 2012

Aesop Job Notifications: Comparing Jobulator, SubAssistant, and Sub Sidekick

Previously, I posted about SubAssistant, an online automated service subs can use to check their SubFinder accounts for new jobs. At the time, SubAssistant didn’t support the Aesop system, but my wife subbed for a district which uses Aesop. So, we tried Jobulator and and Sub Sidekick for notifications, but we didn’t like either of them since they both had to run on your computer 24/7 to check for jobs. Then, in February, SubAssistant launched support for Aesop. Since she was already using SubAssistant, she could just add the Aesop account to her existing SubAssistant account for no extra charge and have it check Aesop for her. But, I wanted to compare the services to see which one actually provided the best service. In the end, we chose SubAssistant (www.SubAssistant.com), but here’s the breakdown we came up with:

1. SubAssistant
Pros: Sends a text message, email, or push notification on Android when a job offer is available on Aesop. The service is cloud-based, meaning, the service is entirely online so you don’t have to download, install, or keep any software running on your computer or phone.  SubAssistant also keeps a graph in your account which shows the number of job offers you’ve received by the hour, so you can see which hours are most popular for jobs to pop up on Aesop.  (We thought that was a neat touch)
Cons:  No automated job acceptance
Other comments: Checks every 60 seconds. Costs $7.95 a month, can cancel at any time.

2. Jobulator
Pros: “Aesop approved” because its made by the same company who makes Aesop. So, presumably, you’d exepct the software to work better. Motives are nefarious, though, with them making a separate piece of software and charging subs to use it, but whatever…. Jobulator sounds notifications on your computer or phone, and you can pick up the jobs from the app.
Cons: The desktop software and mobile app are self-hosted, meaning, you have to run it on your computer or phone 24/7 to get notifications. This runs down the battery on your phone, and keeps your home computer running 24/7. Anytime the phone or computer is restarted, you have to remember to start the app again to receive notifications.
Other comments: Checks every 60 seconds, costs $40 for 12 months + your cost of electricity.

3. Sub Sidekick
: Sounds notifications on your computer and sends text or email notifications.
Cons: Again, this app has to run on your computer 24/7 to check for jobs and send notifications. Anytime the computer is restarted, you have to remember to start the app again to receive notifications. No mobile application.
Other comments: Checks every 60 seconds, costs $9.99 a month or $90 for 12 months + your cost of electricity.


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